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Mary Rutnaswamy, Federal Director of the NCSC answered questions for the camera. She talked about what the NCSC is, what sorts of projects their working on, the goals of the center, and what we have to look forward to in the future.

Dan Miller is a graduate fellow at the NCSC. He talked about how he became involved with the center, the research he’s doing for weather projections, and the things he likes best about the NCSC.


With eyes on the future UMass hosts federal climate science research center

We are reaching a point of no return. The UN International Panel on Climate Change gave an ultimatum saying that humanity must reduce carbon emissions, to keep the planet from heating more than two degrees celsius, or we will be the agents of our own destruction. The most recent report paints a dire picture, and leaves us with a hard truth.

But the scientists who work at the Northeast Climate Science Center are not focussed on why the climate is changing. The center works to produce what Addie Holland, the Communications and Outreach Manager, called “decision science.” At the NCSC, the question is not why the climate is changing, but how we are going to adapt to cope with those changes. Continue reading With eyes on the future UMass hosts federal climate science research center

Naming the climate changes

Everyone always talks about global warming. You have the nay sayers, who have largely had to capitulate in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence, and you have the fear mongers, who call up images of giant typhoons and global famines.

But the threat of such large scale catastrophes is easy to ignore, thanks to their incomprehensible magnitude. How many people have truly been able to rationalize the effects of Hurricane Sandy or the scale of destruction and human suffering wrought by Typhoon Haiyan? Continue reading Naming the climate changes

Storify: Getting glib about Climate Change – #globalwarming

Social media can be the venting of the Id for the masses. Storify provided the opportunity to explore the lighter side of the future. People are actually talking about climate change and global warming… Just not perhaps in the ways that is most conducive to making change.

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